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Mobile   Rank: 101
12+ Population: 535,800
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 26.26%   Hispanic - 3%
Market Swept: 4x/year
WBLX-FMUrban ContemporaryCumulus Media, Inc.
WDLT-FMUrban ACCumulus Media, Inc.0.010.710.99.98.8
WMXC-FMAdult ContemporaryiHeartMedia, Inc.
WKSJ-FMCountryiHeartMedia, Inc.
WRKH-FMClassic RockiHeartMedia, Inc.
WABD-FMCHRCumulus Media, Inc.
WMXC-HD2Urban GospeliHeartMedia, Inc.
WAVH-FMTalkBigler Broadcasting, LLC0.
WZEW-FMAdult AlternativeDot Com Plus, LLC0.
WBHY-FMContemporary ChristianGoforth Media, Inc.
WGOK-AMUrban GospelCumulus Media, Inc.
WMEZ-FMSoft ACCumulus Media, Inc.
WNSP-FMSportsDot Com Plus, LLC0.
WNTM-AMNews/TalkiHeartMedia, Inc.
WBUV-FMTalkiHeartMedia, Inc.
WUWF-FMNews/TalkThe University of West Florida0.
WKNN-FMCountryiHeartMedia, Inc.
WXQW-AMTalkCumulus Media, Inc.

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Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
WABF-AMAdult StandardsEternity Media GroupMOBILEAL
WASG-AMReligious TeachingWilkins CommunicationsDAPHNEAL
WBHY-AMReligious TeachingGoforth Media, Inc.MOBILEAL
WCSN-FMClassic HitsGulf Coast Broadcasting Co., Inc.ORANGE BEACHAL
WERM-AMUrban GospelEternity Media GroupFAIRHOPEAL
WHEP-AMTalkStewart Broadcasting Co., Inc.FOLEYAL
WIJD-AMReligious TeachingWilkins CommunicationsPRICHARDAL
WJTQ-FMClassic HitsCumulus Media, Inc.PENSACOLAFL
WLPR-AMSouthern GospelGoforth Media, Inc.PRICHARDAL
WMOB-AMReligious TeachingBuddy Tucker Association Inc.MOBILEAL
WNGL-AMReligious TeachingArchangel Communications, Inc.MOBILEAL
WRGV-FMUrban ContemporaryiHeartMedia, Inc.PENSACOLAFL
WTOF-AMReligious TeachingBuddy Tucker Association Inc.BAY MINETTEAL
WXBM-FMCountryCumulus Media, Inc.MILTONFL
WXRR-FMClassic RockBlakeney Communications, Inc.HATTIESBURGMS