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Bakersfield   Rank: 79
12+ Population: 661,300
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 5.34%   Hispanic - 55%
Market Swept: 13x/year
KUZZ-FM / KUZZ-AMCountryOwens Broadcasting9.58.69.8 
KISV-FMRhythmic-CHRAmerican General Media9.18.97.8 
KIWI-FMRegional MexicanLotus Communications Corp. 
KKBB-FMR&B OldiesAlpha Media4.24.24.5 
KNZR-FMTalkAlpha Media4.14.74.2 
KDFO-FMClassic RockiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KKXX-FMCHRAmerican General Media3.13.43.7 
KEBT-FMRegional MexicanAmerican General Media2.32.63.1 
KPSL-FMRegional MexicanLotus Communications Corp. 
KGFM-FMAdult ContemporaryAmerican General Media3.23.32.7 
KRAB-FMRockiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KMYX-FMRegional MexicanFarmworker Educational Radio3.42.92.6 
KCWR-FMClassic CountryOwens Broadcasting2.62.62.5 
KLLY-FMRhythmic-CHRAlpha Media2.82.32.2 
KBFP-FMAdult ContemporaryiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KRJK-FMCountryOwens Broadcasting1.11.41.6 
KCHJ-AMSpanish OldiesLotus Communications Corp. 
KXTT-FMSpanish OldiesLazer Broadcasting Corp. 
KERN-AMTalkAmerican General Media1.11.21.2 
KBDS-FMRhythmic-CHRFarmworker Educational Radio1.51.11.0 
KMQA-FMRegional MexicanLazer Broadcasting Corp. 
KQKZ-FMRhythmic-CHRLotus Communications Corp. 
KEAL-FMRegional MexicanLazer Broadcasting Corp. 
KHTY-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KWAC-AMSpanish SportsLotus Communications Corp. 
KGEO-AMSportsAmerican General Media0.40.10.3 
KBFP-AMComedyiHeartMedia, Inc. 

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Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KAFY-AMRegional MexicanLa Favorita Broadcasting, Inc.BAKERSFIELDCA
KCNQ-FMCountryAlta Sierra Broadcasting, LLCKERNVILLECA
KERI-AMReligious TeachingWilkins CommunicationsBAKERSFIELDCA
KGSV-AMEthnicNew Media Broadcasting, Inc.OILDALECA
KHHT-FMClassic Hip HopPoint Broadcasting Co.METTLERCA
KHMU-FMRegional MexicanHispanic Target Media, Inc.BUTTONWILLOWCA
KKCA-FMVarietyColt Comm PartnershipARVINCA
KKZQ-FMRockPoint Broadcasting Co.TEHACHAPICA
KLHC-AMEthnicPunjabi American Media, LLCBAKERSFIELDCA
KLOA-LPCountryAdelman Communications, Inc.INYOKERN, ETC.CA
KQMX-FMRegional MexicanDeportes Y Musica Comunicaciones LLCLOST HILLSCA
KQQH-FMRegional MexicanHispanic Target Media, Inc.WASCOCA
KRVQ-FMClassic RockAlta Sierra Broadcasting, LLCLAKE ISABELLACA
KRWI-FMAdult ContemporaryRubin Broadcasting, Inc.WOFFORD HEIGHTSCA
KVLI-AMTalkAlta Sierra Broadcasting, LLCLAKE ISABELLACA