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Wilkes Barre-Scranton   Rank: 78
12+ Population: 692,500
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 5.99%   Hispanic - 10%
Market Swept: 13x/year
WKRZ-FM / WKRF-FMCHREntercom9.69.79.6 
WMGS-FMSoft ACCumulus Media, Inc. 
WEZX-FM / WPZX-FMClassic RockShamrock Communications7.98.67.5 
WILK-AM / WAAF-AM / WILK-FM / WODS-AMNews/TalkEntercom5.55.25.2 
WWRR-FMClassic HitsBold Gold Media Group, Inc. 
WBSX-FMModern/Alternative RockCumulus Media, Inc. 
WBHT-FM / WBHD-FMCHRCumulus Media, Inc. 
WMQX-FMClassic RockEntercom1.01.31.6 
WTRW-FMTalkBold Gold Media Group, Inc. 
WFUZ-FMModern/Alternative RockShamrock Communications0.80.90.9 
WSJR-FMCountryCumulus Media, Inc. 
WCFT-FMCountrySeven Mountains Media, LLC1.01.20.6 
WZZO-FMRockiHeartMedia, Inc. 
WEJL-AMSportsShamrock Communications0.40.40.6 
WSBG-FMHot ACSeven Mountains Media, LLC0.80.50.5 
WICK-AMOldiesBold Gold Media Group, Inc. 
WKSB-FMHot ACiHeartMedia, Inc. 
WYCY-FMClassic HitsBold Gold Media Group, Inc. 
WAEB-AMTalkiHeartMedia, Inc. 
WVOS-FMClassic HitsBold Gold Media Group, Inc. 

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Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
WAAL-FMClassic RockTownsquare MediaBINGHAMTONNY
WABT-FMClassic HitsCharles WilliamsonLEHMAN TOWNSHIPPA
WAZL-AMReligious TeachingJ.M.J. Radio, Inc.HAZLETONPA
WBWX-AMClassic HitsColumbia Broadcasting Co.BERWICKPA
WCDL-AMOldiesBold Gold Media Group, Inc.CARBONDALEPA
WCTO-FMCountryCumulus Media, Inc.EASTONPA
WGMF-AMClassic HitsGeos CommunicationsNANTICOKEPA
WHLM-AMClassic HitsColumbia Broadcasting Co.BLOOMSBURGPA
WILQ-FMCountryBackyard Broadcasting of Pennsylvania LLCWILLIAMSPORTPA
WITK-AMReligious TeachingWilkins CommunicationsPITTSTONPA
WMMZ-FMClassic HitsBold Gold Media Group, Inc.BERWICKPA
WODE-FMClassic RockCumulus Media, Inc.EASTONPA
WQFM-AMSportsShamrock CommunicationsWILKES-BARREPA
WQOR-AMReligious TeachingJ.M.J. Radio, Inc.OLYPHANTPA
WVPO-AMCountrySeven Mountains Media, LLCSTROUDSBURGPA
WYCK-AMClassic HitsBold Gold Media Group, Inc.PLAINSPA
WZMF-AMClassic HitsGeos CommunicationsTUNKHANNOCKPA