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Springfield, MO   Rank: 136
12+ Population: 360,100
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 3.33%   Hispanic - 3%
Market Swept: 2x/year
KTTS-FMCountrySummit Media Broadcasting, LLC11.58.710.36.911.2
KGBX-FMAdult ContemporaryiHeartMedia, Inc.
KWND-FMContemporary ChristianRadio Training Network, Inc.
KKLH-FMClassic RockMid-West Family Broadcasting3.
KSPW-FMRhythmic-CHRSummit Media Broadcasting, LLC5.
KXUS-FMClassic RockiHeartMedia, Inc.
KTOZ-FMHot ACiHeartMedia, Inc.
KQRA-FMRockMid-West Family Broadcasting4.
KSWF-FMCountryiHeartMedia, Inc.
KRVI-FMAdult HitsSummit Media Broadcasting, LLC2.
KSMU-FMNews/TalkSouthwest Missouri State University0.
KSGF-FM / KSGF-AMNews/TalkSummit Media Broadcasting, LLC4.
KOSP-FMRhythmic-CHRMid-West Family Broadcasting4.
KOMG-FMCountryMid-West Family Broadcasting2.
KWFC-FMSouthern GospelRadio Training Network, Inc.
KGMY-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc.
KSMS-FMNews/TalkSouthwest Missouri State University0.

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Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KADI-FMChristian RockVision Communications, Inc. (Missouri)REPUBLICMO
KBFL-AMAdult StandardsMeyer Communications, Inc.SPRINGFIELDMO
KICK-AMTalkVision Communications, Inc. (Missouri)SPRINGFIELDMO
KIRS-FMReligious TeachingVCY America, Inc.STOCKTONMO
KMRF-AMSouthern GospelNew Life Evangelistic Center, Inc.MARSHFIELDMO
KTXR-FMCountryMeyer Communications, Inc.SPRINGFIELDMO
KWTO-AMTalkMeyer Communications, Inc.SPRINGFIELDMO
KWTO-FMSportsMeyer Communications, Inc.SPRINGFIELDMO