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Denver-Boulder   Rank: 18
12+ Population: 2,720,200
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 5.7%   Hispanic - 20%
Market Swept: 13x/year
KCFR-FMNews/TalkColorado Public Radio7.65.66.5326,100
KYGO-FMCountryBonneville International5.05.75.7427,900
KXKL-FMClassic HitsKSE Radio Ventures5.16.35.4556,500
KRFX-FMClassic RockiHeartMedia, Inc.,000
KQMT-FMClassic RockEntercom5.04.75.2568,000
KOA-AMNews/TalkiHeartMedia, Inc.,300
KBCO-FMAdult AlternativeiHeartMedia, Inc.,700
KTCL-FMAlternative RockiHeartMedia, Inc.,700
KALC-FMHot ACEntercom4.74.04.5510,000
KPTT-FMRhythmic-CHRiHeartMedia, Inc.,500
KOSI-FMSoft ACBonneville International4.65.34.0730,900
KJMN-FMRegional MexicanEntravision Communications Corp.,300
KIMN-FMHot ACKSE Radio Ventures3.43.53.3445,200
KLDV-FMContemporary ChristianEducational Media Foundation, Inc.,200
KXPK-FMRegional MexicanEntravision Communications Corp.,500
KKFN-FMSportsBonneville International3.32.92.6241,400
KWBL-FMCountryiHeartMedia, Inc.,000
KVOD-FMClassicalColorado Public Radio2.11.61.9111,200
KJHM-FMRhythmic ACMax Broadcast Group Holdings, LLC2.11.81.7210,100
KUNC-FM / KRNC-FMNews/TalkCommunity Radio for Northern Colorado1.51.81.5115,600
KBPI-FMRockiHeartMedia, Inc.,500
KFCO-FMRhythmic-CHRMax Broadcast Group Holdings, LLC1.01.21.3186,700
KHOW-AMTalkiHeartMedia, Inc.,900
KKSE-FMSportsKSE Radio Ventures0.30.40.674,200
KVOQ-FMAdult AlternativeColorado Public Radio0.40.40.564,700
KUVO-FM / KVJZ-FMJazzRocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc.,500
KJAC-FMAdult AlternativeCommunity Radio for Northern Colorado0.40.40.474,400
KKSE-AMSportsKSE Radio Ventures0.20.20.227,200
KRKA-FMContemporary ChristianEducational Media Foundation, Inc.,200
KDSP-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc.,600
KVOQ-FM StreamAdult AlternativeColorado Public Radio0.00.00.14,500
KBCO-HD2Adult AlternativeiHeartMedia, Inc.,000
KJMN-FM StreamRegional MexicanEntravision Communications Corp.,400
KEPN-AMSportsBonneville International0.00.10.09,600
KXPK-FM StreamRegional MexicanEntravision Communications Corp.,900

* +Audience estimates are derived in part using Nielsen Audio's Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6 am-12 Midnight estimates, under license. Copyright (c) 2019 Nielsen Audio. All rights reserved.
Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KBJD-AMSpanish Contemporary ChristianSalem Media GroupDENVERCO
KBNO-AMRegional MexicanLatino Communications, LLCDENVERCO
KCKK-AMClassic HitsHunt Broadcasting LLCLITTLETONCO
KCWA-FMContemporary ChristianWAY Media, Inc.LOVELANDCO
KDMT-AMBusiness NewsSalem Media GroupARVADACO
KKCL-AMAdult AlternativeChuck LontineGOLDENCO
KLDC-AMReligious TeachingCrawford Broadcasting Co.DENVERCO
KLTT-AMReligious TeachingCrawford Broadcasting Co.COMMERCE CITYCO
KLVZ-AMAdult StandardsCrawford Broadcasting Co.BRIGHTONCO
KLZ-AMTalkCrawford Broadcasting Co.DENVERCO
KMXA-AMSportsEntravision Communications Corp.AURORACO
KNRV-AMSpanish News-TalkAmigo Multimedia, Inc.ENGLEWOODCO
KNUS-AMNews/TalkSalem Media GroupDENVERCO
KRKS-AMReligious TeachingSalem Media GroupDENVERCO
KRKS-FMReligious TeachingSalem Media GroupBOULDERCO
KTRR-FMClassic HitsTownsquare MediaLOVELANDCO
KUAD-FMCountryTownsquare MediaWINDSORCO
KXDP-LPRegional MexicanSyncom Media Group, Inc.DENVERCO
KXWA-FMContemporary ChristianWAY Media, Inc.CENTENNIALCO