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Merced, CA   Rank: 180
12+ Population: 235,300
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 3.48%   Hispanic - 53%
Market Swept: 2x/year
KBOS-FMRhythmic-CHRiHeartMedia, Inc.
KWNN-FMRhythmic-CHRCumulus Media, Inc.
KWYE-FMHot ACCumulus Media, Inc.
KDJK-FMClassic RockCumulus Media, Inc.
KJSN-FMAdult ContemporaryiHeartMedia, Inc.
KVVF-FM / KVVZ-FMCHRUnivision Radio0.

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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KABX-FMAdult ContemporaryMapleton CommunicationsMERCEDCA
KATM-FMCountryCumulus Media, Inc.MODESTOCA
KBKY-FMSpanish ReligiousRadio Alfa Y Omega LLCMERCEDCA
KBRE-AMRockMapleton CommunicationsMERCEDCA
KBRG-FMSpanish HitsUnivision RadioSAN JOSECA
KCFA-FMRegional MexicanLa Favorita Broadcasting, Inc.ARNOLDCA
KCIV-FMReligious TeachingBott Broadcasting Co.MT. BULLIONCA
KGAM-FMRegional MexicanLazer Broadcasting Corp.MERCEDCA
KHIT-FMSpanish Adult HitsLotus Communications Corp.MADERACA
KHKK-FMClassic RockCumulus Media, Inc.MODESTOCA
KHTN-FMRhythmic-CHRMapleton CommunicationsPLANADACA
KKBZ-FMRockLotus Communications Corp.AUBERRYCA
KLBN-FMRegional MexicanLotus Communications Corp.FRESNOCA
KLLE-FMRegional MexicanUnivision RadioNORTH FORKCA
KLOC-AMRegional MexicanLa Favorita Broadcasting, Inc.TURLOCKCA
KLOQ-FMRegional MexicanMapleton CommunicationsWINTONCA
KMGV-FMR&B OldiesCumulus Media, Inc.FRESNOCA
KMJ-AMNews/TalkCumulus Media, Inc.FRESNOCA
KMZR-FMRegional MexicanLazer Broadcasting Corp.ATWATERCA
KNTO-FMRegional MexicanLa Favorita Broadcasting, Inc.CHOWCHILLACA
KOND-FMRegional MexicanUnivision RadioHANFORDCA
KQLB-FMRegional MexicanVLB BroadcastingLOS BANOSCA
KRVR-FMClassic HitsThreshold CommunicationsCOPPEROPOLISCA
KSKD-FMRegional MexicanLa Favorita Broadcasting, Inc.LIVINGSTONCA
KSKS-FMCountryCumulus Media, Inc.FRESNOCA
KTSE-FMRegional MexicanEntravision Communications Corp.PATTERSONCA
KUBB-FMCountryMapleton CommunicationsMARIPOSACA
KYOS-AMNews/TalkMapleton CommunicationsMERCEDCA