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Oklahoma City   Rank: 49
12+ Population: 1,279,500
Ethnic Composition:  Black - 11.07%   Hispanic - 12%
Market Swept: 13x/year
KMGL-FMAdult ContemporaryTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KJYO-FMCHRiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KTST-FMCountryiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KOMA-FMClassic HitsTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KATT-FMRockCumulus Media, Inc. 
KYIS-FMHot ACCumulus Media, Inc. 
KJKE-FMCountryTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
WWLS-FMSportsCumulus Media, Inc. 
KTOK-AMNews/TalkiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KRXO-FMSportsTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KXXY-FMClassic CountryiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KNAH-FMClassic CountryChisholm Trail Broadcasting Co. 
KTUZ-FMRegional MexicanTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KGOU-FMNews/TalkUniversity of Oklahoma1.92.12.4 
KKWD-FMRhythmic-CHRCumulus Media, Inc. 
KBRU-FMRockiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KQOB-FMAdult HitsChisholm Trail Broadcasting Co. 
KUCO-FMClassicalUniversity of Central Oklahoma1.31.21.4 
KOSU-FM / KOSN-FMNews/TalkOklahoma State University1.20.91.0 
KRXO-HD3Spanish OldiesTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KOMA-HD3Classic Hip HopTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KRXO-HD2Classic RockTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KOMA-HD2Modern RockTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KBRU-HD2Regional MexicaniHeartMedia, Inc. 
KOKC-AMTalkTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KJTH-FM / KTHM-FMChristian CHR/RockThe Love Station, Inc. 
WKY-AMSpanish SportsCumulus Media, Inc. 
KUCO-HD2ClassicalUniversity of Central Oklahoma0.00.00.2 
KXTH-FMChristian CHR/RockThe Love Station, Inc. 
KZTH-FMChristian CHR/RockThe Love Station, Inc. 
KEBC-AMSportsTyler Broadcasting Corp. 
KGHM-AMSportsiHeartMedia, Inc. 
KWPN-AMSportsCumulus Media, Inc. 
KZLS-AMTalkChisholm Trail Broadcasting Co. 
KIXO-FMChristian CHR/RockThe Love Station, Inc. 
KLVV-FMContemporary ChristianThe Love Station, Inc. 
KOSU-FM Stream / KOSN-FMNews/TalkOklahoma State University0.00.00.1 

* +Audience estimates are derived in part using Nielsen Audio's Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6 am-12 Midnight estimates, under license. Copyright (c) 2020 Nielsen Audio. All rights reserved.
Nielsen Audio no longer releases audience estimates for stations that do not subscribe to their services. Therefore, the audience estimates on this website include ONLY those stations that pay Nielsen Audio for this data. This website may not include all the radio stations that serve each market.

Recent Changes
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Other Stations Located in Market*
*This list only includes commercial stations.
KGFF-AMClassic HitsCitizen Band Potawatomi Indian TribeSHAWNEEOK
KHRK-FMClassic RockChisholm Trail Broadcasting Co.HENNESSEYOK
KINB-FMSportsPerry Broadcasting Company, Inc.KINGFISHEROK
KIRC-FMClassic CountryOne Ten Broadcast Group, Inc.SEMINOLEOK
KQCV-AMReligious TeachingBott Broadcasting Co.OKLAHOMA CITYOK
KREF-AMSportsMetro Radio Group, LLCNORMANOK
KRMP-AMUrban ACPerry Broadcasting Company, Inc.OKLAHOMA CITYOK
KSLE-FMClassic HitsOne Ten Broadcast Group, Inc.WEWOKAOK
KTLV-AMUrban GospelFirst Choice Broadcasting, Inc.MIDWEST CITYOK
KVSP-FMUrban ContemporaryPerry Broadcasting Company, Inc.ANADARKOOK
KWCO-FMClassic HitsMollman CommunicationsCHICKASHAOK
KWSH-AMCountryOne Ten Broadcast Group, Inc.WEWOKAOK
KZUE-AMRegional MexicanLa Tremenda Radio Mexico, Inc.EL RENOOK